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The Boss, The End of Summer, Stone Barns & Spiralized Zucchini with Pesto

The kids go back to school today, the daylight is getting shorter – no more walks at sunset after work, and the rental of water sports equipment on the Long Island Sound are being removed on Monday. Time to get into fall mode. I love the East coast summers, everyone goes out on the water and gets out their convertibles, the wealthy coastal areas come alive. There is an underlying sexiness to the balmy evenings and summer clothes. Men are flexing their muscles and women are showing their assets. But fall is around the corner, I love that even more, a sense of calm settles in and the red hues are breathtakingly beautiful, almost surreal. The cooler days and nights inspire us to anticipate the winter months of blue hues and white grounds. I love the different seasonal colors.

My summer highlight was seeing Bruce perform in New Jersey. The photo above was taken by me in 1992. Those 2 children are now in their twenties. I follow Jessie on instagram, she is an amazingly, happy, driven young lady. I can see she has a sparkle of fun like her mother. She is an avid horse jumper and is respected by her peers. The Springsteens are a great example of a family who balances fame with private life. Bruce kept his children away from the spotlight because he believed it was his choice to be famous, not theirs. Now Jessica and Patti show us glimpses of their private lives through social media. I enjoy seeing their unglamorous, family life. When I worked and lived in Beverly Hills with them, Bruce always said he would raise his kids in New Jersey, he knew they would be better watched over in the area than in LA. He said the local police and schools would be more aware if there were issues and he could keep control of them better. I definitely see this has paid off tenfold. There is a sense of unrestricted attention and care with rich kids in LA, the lack of boundaries and regulations can be unnerving at times. Prince, Michael Jackson’s son told me that he was the only boy in the class that didn’t smoke pot, and that there was tremendous peer pressure to do so. He was 15 at the time.


For the last day before school starts, I took the boys to Stone Barns, for those of you who have never been there it is a farm which was once a Rockefeller estate.  The farm and the Rockefeller State Park are located beside the Hudson River, 15 minutes from my home. The top restaurant in New York – Dan Barber’s Blue Hill Restaurant is located on the farm and all the produce and animals are grown at the farm for the patrons.  As most haute dining experiences these days, the restaurant has a vast tasting menu for $300.  Whilst wondering around today we found these eggplants being charred outside, ready for that night’s feast, I was salivating at the prospect of eating them that night. Alongside this fire pit the staff were making their own charcoal.  I am not sure what that entails.


For my recipe this week let’s discuss spiralising, the new trendy alternative to eating pasta using a spiralizer with either sweet potatoes or zucchini.  A healthy non carb option for a delicious base.  Here I suggest making spiralised zuchini and home made pesto.  An adaptable recipe for pesto:

3 handfuls basil leaves

2 tablespoons almonds

1 lemon juiced

2 garlic cloves

4 tablespoons olive oil

Add all these ingredients to a blender and blend on high

Remove and place in a bowl.  Add 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast, mix well and add to zucchini “spaghetti”.  Eat immediately or it will soften.





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