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My review of Springsteen’s autobiography: “Born to Run”

From left to right: Patti & Bruce with Evan and Jessie at the fair in NJ

Patti and Bruce with Evan and Jessie in the concorde lounge at JFK on the way to Sweden to begin the 1992 tour.

Evan’s birthday at the house in Rumson 1992.

All photos taken by me.


Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run, is an honest depiction of his life, and his written tone is exactly how he is in person. I am impressed that he kept his style and didn’t have the book edited, but having known Bruce, this is hardly surprising, due to his need for control.

I enjoyed the book on many levels, having worked and lived in his home for a year, I got to know Bruce really well, as you can see, he is a friendly, introspective, cautious and an extremely sensitive man, who struggles like many of us, with his own demons.

The book begins with a cultural look at growing up poor in Freehold, New Jersey in the 50’s and 60’s.   The class divides are stronger than the multi-cultural divides when you grow up on the streets. He also describes the start of the musical revolution, where musicians were allowed to be more sexually provocative, Bruce describes himself as a misfit who suddenly comes alive when he sees Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones etc. performing on the television for the first time, “it lights a fire in” his “belly.”

The reader understands from Bruce the struggle to make a buck and be prepared to live and breath music in order to succeed at your craft. He explains how he understood the importance to be his own entity and have the band work for him. His honesty about all the different personalities and his personal intimate relationship with each member of the band is honest and interesting. For a musician trying to keep his own identity, and believing in what he is producing, and his intuitiveness that goes into the formation of his songs are all described in detail in the book. Everything Bruce does comes from his gut and he isn’t afraid to talk about it and stand by his convictions.

Family is a large part of his story, his place within his family, the parents before him and then being a parent. His feet are firmly on the ground in the rightful place of passage. At his age now he has finally come to terms with his past and has worked really hard to remain sane within the loving arms of his family and workers.

The fact that he returned to his place of origin – the state of New Jersey, and raised his kids on familiar territory has certainly paid off. They are one famous family that remains completely normal in regards to having a semi-private life.

I loved the epilogue where he rides of into the sunset on his Harley, that is such a Bruce thing to do.



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