Goodbye 2016.


As 2016 winds down we collectively reflect on this past year and what mattered in our lives, from both a personal and universal perspective. This year will certainly be remembered for the loss of so many artists that we grew up loving and expecting to always be around, and then the surprising, American election, changing the governmental track for the next 4 years. We have a strongly divided nation where half of us struggle with the anxiety of a businessman running this country, whilst the other half see this as a great opportunity for American growth.


Personally for me this year has been filled with tremendous hope and a two gigantic losses. The hope is that my business in the Westchester area has grown and I have built a strong group of clients that I love and they love my food. This perfect pairing inspires me creatively to provide healthy, fresh meals for happy, vibrant families. I am so grateful for these harmonious relationships.


My goal for getting my cookbook published by May is moving along nicely. The recipes are written, now for the editing stage. Still searching for the perfect title and intro, but those things will fall into place once the photos are finished. I have had tremendous input from friends as to what they think will sell best. I appreciate all the interest.


Christmas time for me is family time. Every year I spend it with my Mum, either in the UK or South Africa. For me, England holds a special sense of magic surrounding the holidays. I love the carol services in the churches and the annual pantomime. The British tradition of the Queen’s speech always leaves me with a sense of pride. These British sensibilities leave me with a true feeling of national community. And as I am now middle aged, I feel as if I am becoming more like my Mum, enjoying similar hobbies – cooking and photography, wanting to once again live in a small seaside town and become more civic minded, at the same time I want to age gracefully.


I urge everyone to reflect on the past year and what it meant to you on both a spiritual and emotional level. See where the lessons to learn were and what needs improving in 2017.


My lessons were to believe that there is a plan for me, and that I am not in charge. My job is to do the footwork by showing up and leaving the results to happen in good time. This is both in relationships with others and work.


The most difficult things I have had to contend with were the sudden death of two friends within the space of 3 months. I had known Iggy for about 33 years and Lorna for 14. They didn’t know each other, but were similar in many ways. Larger than life personalities, who were incredibly fearless and lived full lives. Their huge capacity for being of service to others who needed help, and the strong opinions coming from a place of love they expressed to total strangers, who were touched by knowing them. They both loved working with people who were less fortunate as well as those who were fortunate. Everyone was treated equally. I miss them so much, my heart has broken slightly more from this and I now know to treasure the moments spent with my friends because I will never take it for granted that everyone will be here forever. Make sure your close friends know how much they mean to you.


I hope you all have a nice holiday season, and that you get to spend time with those you love and are able to love them back. Treasure every moment and be grateful for the years of hard work you have put into these special relationships. There will be no recipe this week just a basket of love.


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