Westchester Women Resistors

Today I began interviewing the progressive Westchester women who are resisting at the local political level. FullSizeRender

Dominique is a happily married 31 year old mom of a 2 1/2 year old son.  Her fascinating story of all the countries she has lived provide her with a unique worldview.  Besides being raised and living abroad most of her life, Dominique’s family history, of theatrical and political characters who lived in the Pelham area for 5 generations brings a sense of historical context to her story.

We spent 2 hours at The Bangkok City Thai Kitchen in Pelham, NY.  Having never explored Pelham, I enjoy meeting women on their home territory, interacting within their personal space helps create a stronger sense of intimacy for me to write about this person’s passion and life.

The book’s main objective is for the women spearheading the resistance (under the Indivisible umbrella) to have a place to tell their story and the issues they are facing at a local level.  The final question I ask is why do you feel strongly about Astorino being removed as the Westchester County Executive?

Today I learned about the Progressive Women of Pelham’s uphill battle to find democrats to run for seats in the town and two villages.  A town that has been completely Republican for 18 years.  Through the tenacity of these women they have 2 members running for seats in the upcoming local election in November.  Dominique’s creative, freelance spirit, and knowing what she is best at doing – organizing, means that she confidently delegates the work out to group members, providing leadership and unity within her community. This arena is new to her and certainly resonates well within the realm of free spirited endeavors.  I am looking forward to writing my piece for the book about this woman that I felt a strong connection towards.



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