Westchester Women resisting


Karen lives walking distance from my house, but our paths never crossed until we both embraced local activism.

Moving here from Chicago with her husband 3 years ago, this 32 year old doctor felt isolated living in Purchase.  She had no connection with her new community until she decided to host an ACLU People Power meeting at her home in March. Listening to 30 people share their similarities of absolute despair was a life affirming moment, she had found her tribe and a sense of belonging.  Her initial desire to emigrate to Singapore after the election shifted and she felt empowered to make a difference.

Karen is an American born to first generation immigrants, this meant being raised with values of working hard, keeping your head down and  doing well at school. Also,outside of the home she felt different from her peers, both at her private all-girls high school and at med school, because she liked reading the newspaper and taking an interest in current affairs.

Working as a husband and wife team, Karen has used her curiosity for current affairs to bring county attention to Astorino’s underhanded attempt to fast track the privatization of our County’s airport. He tried to secretly rush this deal through. His sneaky attempt to gain an easy $15 million to balance his budget prior to the November election has been slowed down primarily due to the organizing skills of this couple.

To read in more detail about their actions to successfully organize such an important county issue, to a level where many of us believe this will be dead in the water,  you will need to buy the book in September.


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