Women in Westchester Resisting

IMG_2008Every time I leave a meeting with a woman resistor my heart feels a little stronger and I know there is hope.

Marjorie, a complete stranger to me, who came recommended by my posting on the IW Facebook group, is a Democratic leader in Yorktown. Living there is a constant struggle in this strong Republican town, especially with a Supervisor who believes he is God, and who needs constant monitoring by the town’s residents.  He has no regard for the residents and their needs, it seems to be all about money, prestige and power for him and his minions, a similar story to our current County Executive. Now is the time for many local town boards to have a good clean out of their elected officials and get some new blood in there running.

Marjorie has lived in Yorktown for 5 years, she started her political activism during Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  She takes her toolbox of successful strategies his campaign people taught her and applies them locally, for example how to mobilize her neighbors, jump head first into local politics and use your voice in this democratic process.

I love her earnestness, Marjorie ran away from home in New Jersey at 15, and hitchhiked around the country, finally settling in California.  Her courageous journey to where she is today, raising 2 teenage children with her British husband, a full-time job, and attending nightly grassroots and democratic party meetings, leaves me in awe of this lady.

We met at her great friend Grace’s home, who also leads the way in local democratic politics with a grassroots approach.  I am sure as a team they are a force to be reckoned with.  Read our book in September to learn more about Yorktown issues and the two kinds of democrats living in their town.


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