Women for Change in Westchester

IMG_5173Although Farah was born and raised in New Rochelle, her parents are from Kashmir. This meant nightly, political discussions around the dinner table about the troubles in the stunningly, beautiful, Himalayan region of India. Growing up she spent her summers over there. This worldview gives Farah a strong understanding about what the true value of being an American means to her and her family.

Having marched in Washington, experiencing the overwhelming positive energy, and the day’s ability to shift the sense of anxiety we all had felt since November, she looked around at the thousands of people, observing the lack of flags in the crowd.

Farah returned home to Larchmont and started posting about the symbolism of the American flag in relationship to our values: Democracy, secularism, Justice, Tolerance, Respect and Diversity.  Her message was well received and gained momentum amongst her friends and local residents.

Her group #ourflag has around 680 members, with a Facebook page about positivity for all the American values we all share.  As Farah is a mom with 2 small children, I am once again in awe of the time and effort our Westchester women spend making a difference to keep our county safe from prejudice against one another.  My book will talk more about Farah’s speeches and events she has put together.


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