Westchester Women Resisting the Regime

FullSizeRenderAnita was born in the UK but grew up in Port Jervis, NY.  She distinctly remembers becoming a citizen at 10, and the excitement of finally belonging here.

After obtaining a masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, Anita worked in Washington DC under both the Bush and Obama administrations, Her work was both political and policy related, but coming from a foreign perspective, specializing in humanitarian assistance and post conflict reconstruction.

Anita worked on the Al Gore and Obama campaigns. So she has always been politically involved, but not on a grassroots level.  That all changed in March, unable to focus on her job at the UN, and not wanting to have any part of this administration, she left her full time job to focus on her children and volunteer her time actively resisting this new regime.  Anita is a force to be reckoned with in the future political realm.  I find her to be dynamic and incredibly aware of everything happening both locally, nationally and globally.

Read more about all the organizations she is involved with and the issues she believes in when the book is published.  Another incredibly interesting lady who is going places, let’s hope it will be in Westchester.


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