Westchester Student’s Grassroots Healthcare Awareness Group

FullSizeRenderAs a fourth year PhD student at NYU, you would think Hannah wouldn’t have time to focus on researching and forming a resistance group under the Indivisible umbrella. But with her personal health issue experiences, she knew to make this a priority in her life.

Having always struggled with chronic illnesses which are deemed pre-existing under the Trump administration, and fully understanding the healthcare conversation being conducted under the Trump regime, Hannah’s urgency to form a grassroots group meant her forming Caring For Us Indivisible.

Unlike other people I have spoken to, who found Indivisible by bumping into members who were at events making a difference, Hannah discovered Indivisible listening to Rachel Maddow podcasts. By downloading the guide and doing some searching around, she knew there was an urgent need for a group to focus exclusively on healthcare.

Hannah understands the power of using social media both to build her platform and to raise public awareness about what is happening in Washington.  She describes her healthcare articles as “edutainment”, they are easy to digest by her members so they can share her posts with their family and friends in states where urgent actions need to be taken.

There will be plenty more about Hannah and her movement that is gaining traction  in the book.  I am sure we will be hearing and learning from Hannah for many years in Westchester.


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