Westchester Women Working for Change

FullSizeRenderKristen, a successful TV news anchor with a law degree from Fordham University, moved from New York City to Chappaqua in 2004.  Because of her TV career she was well known in the town, but the bar raised even higher on April 9, 2015 when she came out as transgender.

Kristen had no political affiliation with any party when she was approached at the initial Indivisible Westchester meeting. So she was surprised when three prominent New Castle democrats urged her to run for town Supervisor.

At the public announcement that she was running as Town Supervisor in the hometown of the Clintons, and that she is the first transgender running for public office in New York State, attracted worldwide publicity, including Teen Vogue and Italian Vanity Fair.  All this publicity generating around Kristen will hopefully help to oust the current Republican Supervisor, who is a pal of Astorino. Times are changing Westchester!!

Meeting Kristen today reminds me how powerful the march in Washington resonated with everyone who went there that day, it has changed so many people’s lives.  How motivated we all are to make a difference, the magnitude of people in Washington, and throughout the world, who stood up to power that day will live in our souls forever.  Both Kristen and myself shed a tear remembering that magnificent, January day.

I am humbled Kristen agreed to speak to me today, and the book will cover more about her ability, as a public figure, to raise awareness that transgender people are the same as everyone else, and that her progressive values will make a difference in New Castle. She epitomizes the ideal to create change first in the town, that leads to the county level, then followed by the State.  This philosophy for change is how we will alter the current, political, American climate, by electing progressive democrats willing to start at the town level.







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