A Westchester Woman’s Cause to Protect Playland

FullSizeRenderGrowing up in Larchmont Deirdre has many, happy, childhood memories of going to Playland, including stories about her mother’s equally happy memories in the park as a child.  This emotional, historical, connection has meant her single-handedly protesting Astorino’s every move because of his desire to destroy this county landmark as a happy place for all residents to enjoy.

Thank goodness Deirdre keeps both eyes and ears on Astorino’s back room deals, firstly his attempt to create a Chelsea Piers environment at Playland, which meant building a giant, private sports club for the wealthy county residents. By Deirdre raising local awareness to his horrendous project prior to the 2013 re election, it killed his aspirations. But his ongoing attempt to to rape county taxpayers in order to subsidize a corporate hedge fund’s ownership of Playland has Deirdre seething, and she is looking forward to mobilizing Indivisible members to push back with her on this ongoing crisis.  She is grateful the troops have finally arrived!!

Deirdre is a new friend, whom I instantly liked for her warmth, wit, intelligence, and mostly her love for dogs.  Without us all being active in the county I would have missed the chance of getting to know this amazing lady.

Stay tuned for more details in the book about the Playland saga, and what she is hoping will be a sensible solution to this complex problem.  With Astorino running the show it will always be a disaster, both for Playland and the County taxpayers.


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