We stand on the shoulders of Giants

IMG_2185Meeting Jon was truly an honor.  This process of meeting women passionate about making a difference, by using their strong voices and working with others inspires me to be a better person.  As soon as Jon sat down her presence and energy feels similar to being wrapped in a warm blanket on an extremely cold day.

Jon works at a grassroots level, supporting and bringing her energy to the causes that most interest her: reproductive rights, economic equality and racial justice.

Her gentle demeanor and steadfast assuredness helped me understand that we are still facing the battles that ignited her activism flame 40 years ago, however Jon believes that “there is power in groups to make change, by having each others backs and with good leadership, and by hacking away at the patriarchy, every little bit counts.”

Her lesson to us – things will happen if we have patience and persistence.  By raising your personal awareness of the issues surrounding us and listening to the problems our friends and neighbors face, we are able to approach our work from a place of true compassion and empathy.  More nuggets of wisdom from this amazingly, humble lady will be in our book.



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