Making Changes at the Village Level

FullSizeRenderMolly was raised in West Harrison and now lives in Croton,  so she as always been a Westchester resident.  Her father ran for Mayor and Supervisor for the town of Harrison in the 80’s, so she has always been aware of politics operating on a local level.

This powerful image of Molly was taken by a Getty images photographer at a December protest in New York City, on the eve of the electoral college vote. The next day it went viral, both nationally and internationally, appearing in The Guardian, Time, NPR and NBC, to name but a few places.  Protesting is new to Mollie, but she thoroughly enjoys the thrill, giving her a sense of usefulness, and she loves meeting fellow demonstrators.

As a resident of the village of Croton on Hudson, Mollie understands the complex issues surrounding the Town of Cortland. The biggest issues at large being the imminent closure of Indian Point, and the pressing urgency, under this current administration, to form sanctuary cities, both on a village or town level, and also the current urgency to obtain immigrant legislation on a county level.

Molly became a democratic leader in March and also is on the Croton Indivisible’s Immigration task force.  As a working, single mom, I admire Mollie’s enthusiasm and energy to stand up for those who don’t have a voice.  More of my interview with Mollie will be discussed in our book.


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