Environmental Activism in Westchester County

IMG_2277I sound like a broken record, once again my meeting with Nancy was a learning experience about women who are passionate about issues affecting our county, and the time and effort they spend protecting this fragile environment for later generations.

Since joining Indivisible Westchester, and learning about the many issues our county is facing I had searched for someone to explain the pipeline and Indian Point to me. Nancy’s personal involvement fighting the pipeline, and her informational website written simply for the lay person to understand, meant after spending an hour and a half with her I now understand the enormous destructiveness and lack of concern for local residents’ safety this expanded pipeline poses.  Sad to say this federal battle began during the Obama administration and his determination not to get oil from Russia anymore.

As Indian Point is a hot topic currently being discussed, Nancy explains that the electricity produced by the plant isn’t needed by the State, and when the plant stops production, if done responsibly, this process will take twelve years, guaranteeing employees job retention until their retirement.

For more information about these environmental issues visit Nancy’s website: http://www.senrg.org  and let’s all support her run for the Westchester County Board of Legislators in District 1.  Our book will have plenty more information about Nancy’s interesting life and experiences.  I guarantee you too will be impressed by her story.



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