A Westchester Activist spent 6 months interning for the Clinton Foundation

IMG_2278I am finding that every activist has interesting stories about their life experiences, which led them to become actively involved.

Lisa is a local girl who enjoys living in the moment, free spirited and isn’t afraid of experiencing life and all that it offers.  Moving to Washington after college she quickly became interested in Washington politics, this eventually led her to obtaining a graduate degree from John Hopkins University in Public Policy.

Whilst in the degree program, Lisa spent six months interning at the Clinton Foundation in Harlem, an experience she shared with me in depth. Not only did the interns work closely with Bill Clinton as a mentor, the twenty interns from all over the world formed a close bond.  In the book I will write more in depth about her experience working in the foundation.

Lisa’s understanding of the legislative process is invaluable for Indivisible Westchester, she works with the IW Immigration Committee, who are closely following all the players trying to put together the County Immigration Legislation, which we are all hoping will be voted on, and get enough votes to avoid a veto, on Monday.  This crucial legislative document will protect innocent, undocumented immigrants in our community from Trump’s new agenda of wanting local police to cooperate with ICE.  Once this hopefully gets approved, the IW team will be working on DACA issues.

As White Plains (where she lives and is co-chair of the local group) is in good, political shape at a local level, Lisa feels better served working in committees on specific County agendas, and building relationships with other Indivisibles across the county.

There will be more about Lisa’s time at the Clinton Foundation, and why she returned to Westchester instead of pursuing a career in Washington, in our book about Westchester Women Resistors due out late September.  Lisa’s another example of a fabulous woman I am so pleased to have met, who works hard at making a difference in our community.


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