The Indivisible Westchester Co-Founder

IMG_2296Verena juggles various balls in her life.  From volunteer work in her children’s lives to being a Democratic District leader, to being the co-founder of Indivisible Westchester.  Sitting down and chatting with her in the back garden I am impressed by her warmth, humility and gentle strength to get things accomplished behind the scenes.

After obtaining a graduate degree in Public Policy from Duke, Verena worked for Scott Stringer in NYC, and now brings her valuable skills to Indivisible Westchester, by helping to highlight the urgency for change at a Westchester County level.  Volunteering as the Research Committee chair for Indivisible Westchester, Verena’s team establish white papers highlighting all the issues our county is currently facing.

In our book we will learn more about Verena’s story and the formation of Indivisible Westchester.  As many of the women featured in our book talk about the urgency to get locally active after the election results in November, this level of activism in our community has risen and will be sustained for longevity.  Once again I am in awe of how much work activists are producing to create change and make a difference in our county.


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