A Peaceful Warrior Westchester Activist

JSK_4515-400x600What strikes me most about the women activists I am meeting is their warmth, compassion and ability to juggle many areas of their life with ease and mindfulness.  Amy epitomizes this lifestyle, and as a clinical psychologist, with a private practice in White Plains, she teaches others to attain mindfulness through cognitive therapy and meditation.

Similar to many of the women interviewed, her overwhelming feeling of utter devastation on election night, caused many meaningful dialogues to take place at school gates the following morning.  These moms primary purpose quickly became researching on line the immediate actions necessary to counteract what was inevitably coming down the political pipeline.

Amy’s professional background promotes action orientation solutions, and fully recognizes the compassionate component of how our country needs to uphold our democratic values for the future of our children. Her professional life compliments the activists’ message.

Our book will describe in more detail how one of the original Indivisible Westchester Administrators contributed to the formation of this amazingly strong and powerful grassroots movement.


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