A Westchester Activist Advocates for Minorities

IMG_2361Marni’s powerfully strong energy must fill any room she enters.  She exudes passion, positivity and strength. If you haven’t met this lady before, you certainly need to make it your mission to catch up with her, as she brings her creative ability to think out of the box into her local community.

Meeting fellow activists I notice similar traits I share with these women. Marni gets a natural high from meeting complete strangers from all walks of life and enjoys bringing everyone together within our community. I totally understand that passion.

Inspired by Pete Seeger’s philosophy to help people become more engaged, Marni is a natural organizer and an invaluable co-leader of the group “Yorktown Together for the Future”. With her at the helm we expect many necessary changes to eventually take place in Yorktown.

Marni was born deaf and has successfully navigated her disability by remaining positive and proactive. Because of her being a minority who understands isolation, she sympathizes with the plight of immigrants struggling to fit into the cultural norm in America.  Immigrant issues is currently her strongest advocacy work under the current political regime.

In our book you will read so much more about Marni. Her interesting chat with Gloria Steinem in Washington at the Women’s March, her personal journey down the road less travelled and the various organizations she is involved with in Westchester. She is a force of nature brimming over with boundless energy.  Her finally words to me during our interview, totally epitomizes who she is. I asked her why she believes Astorino needs to be gone, her response: “BECAUSE HE IS DEAF.”


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