This Westchester Activist Strengthens our Evolving Grassroots Movements

IMG_2382Allison consults companies how to move from operating closed hierarchical organizations to running social networks online and on land.  She stresses the necessity of integrating both and teaches people how to engage others from a more personal approach.

Allison was a pioneer in this field, in 2001 as emails and blogs were taking shape she was fascinated by power – who has it and who uses it. Social media produced a shift in power – from the organization to the individual.

The missing piece prior to this new regime was our complacency in the last ten years to be out on land politically engaging, we remained on social media and performed volunteer work in our communities, whilst forgetting that democracy building relies on citizens being politically involved.

The biggest shift is from broadcasting what we do, it is about leading conversations about issues we are interested in and how to do this together.  Allison says it is by working with you and not at you.

As our grassroots movements grow and evolve, Allison consults us how to stay engaged for longevity, she brings her unique skills and talents into the groups, gently guiding us along as we grow this community together.

There will be many more important insights from Allison in our book.


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