Activist Amy Siskind’s Weekly Lists Creatively Archives the Current Regime

FullSizeRenderAs political activism continues to grow around the country, we also need to highlight Westchester women activists who are working parallel to Indivisible Westchester. Their daily actions, about a variety of issues, are an important contribution for raising public awareness to this ongoing saga at a national level.

Amy Siskind’s heroine Eleanor Roosevelt instilled in her the mantra of choosing courage over fear.  So after hearing Hillary Clinton speak in May 2006, as Amy was about to leave her Wall Street career behind her, she was immediately motivated to start an organization called The New Agenda, whose goal is to empower women to find their voice and become leaders both in the corporate and political arenas.  This bi-partisan organization primarily targets and appeals to millennial women.

As grassroots movements grow and become sustainable, I asked Amy how she gained so much traction in such a short time since the election, as her weekly lists are now being archived in the Library of Congress.  She responded that her voice has been out there since 2008 when she started writing about themes her organization were interested in raising.  During that time she began writing for The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast.  Her first published article in The Huffington Post:  Sexism Against Conservative Women is Still Sexism, about Sarah Palin was a lightening rod concept in 2008.  And gained her plenty of attention.

Having been a Wall Street trader, Amy understood how to provide to the point, easy to digest information and synthesize it on a daily basis, whilst still remembering what happened five weeks ago. Her ability to transfer this skill to highlight Trump’s agendas fast and furiously is invaluable both today and for future generations.

There will be much more insight into this inspirational lady in our book about Women Activists in Westchester.


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