A Westchester Activist who fully embraces the Indivisible guidelines

1544968_10202100097837721_932169432_nAs Dobbs Ferry and Irvington’s Indivisble Westchester co-chair, Shari takes on a strong leadership role by mobilizing their members to take notice and be active in their towns and on a County level.

Shari has a strong voice and a natural ability to get things done, whilst following along with the format suggested in the Indivisible guidelines.  In her own words: “By being engaged we can make a difference and take things in the right directions.” She definitely understands this on a local level.

Similar to other women I meet, Shari has the ability to reign in her focus and get specific tasks accomplished.  No matter how large the parameters are you can always depend on her getting the job done.  What I am finding with activists, we find the areas we are good at and run with them.  Activism certainly has a creative quality to it.  There is far less restrictions than being a party member.  However, there is a wonderful “marriage” occuring between local activists and progressive democrats throughout the County.

A strong feminist, who supports pro choice issues, and a life long Hillary Clinton supporter, juggles many responsibilities, having a full-time job and a family.  But Shari’s strong leadership skills, her ability to show up to numerous events around the County, and her strong voice at meetings mean that she will be at the frontlines of activism for a long time to come.

More about her job, her disability and other passions will be in our book, which I am still hoping to have published around October.


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