As the I.W. co-leader, this activist exemplifies the spirit of democracy

15327341_10210204701865400_7320406615845401522_nEvery Activist brings a different set of skills to the table, from their life experiences. As our community grows and we begin to get to know one another better, by supporting issues in both local towns and on a county level,  I appreciate the valuable leadership  of Shannon and Verena. They gently and quietly sustain a strong level of engagement within the community.

Sitting and chatting with Shannon this afternoon felt like being with one of my girlfriends from back home. She is smart, warm, witty and informative.  Having been a Washington journalist Shannon understands how activism “ties into the accountability aspect of being a journalist” in that there are no free passes to any party members.  She explains that it is an activist’s role to defend democracy by being engaged in the community. This new role also means that her primary concern is making sure all Americans understand it is their civic duty to be involved in their local and state politics because that is where they can create the change.

There will be more in our book about who her high school crush was that catapulted her interest in politics, and what motivates her to get out of bed in the morning these days.


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