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The Changing World We Live In


In these challenging times remember to go out and enjoy the natural world we live in.

img_0131My favorite photo I took.  This girl was lining up at Starbucks. I asked to take her photo.  The youth are living in a new reality.


As the world watches American leadership make history with their cruel, unnecessary, executive orders, they also see their people rise up against injustice. Even though this devastating change of power has risen up against everything this great, democratic country has fought for over the last 200 years, the resistance movement will make sure that every human being is treated equally and that the environment will not be damaged any further by this party’s lack of belief in climate change.


The people elected this demagogue, but his charismatic, strong rhetoric convinced people that he would repair this country and bring about amazing changes. We know the jobs immigrants perform are low paying and hard labor. No American wants to work those jobs, I am sure they can have them if they wanted. We watch immigrants work hard and long hours so that their children have the opportunity to go to college and along with their parents work ethics they strengthen this country. Diversity in any country brings a far more interesting culture to the world. Who truly believes a land filled with only white people could be interesting?


Last weekend I went to the women’s protest march on Washington. I spoke to so many Americans from different ethnic, financial, educational and regional backgrounds. I loved the conversations filled with love and hope. I came home charged and ready to resist. With this week’s executive orders and being back in my day-to-day life I started to feel hopeless again. But social media keeps up the resistance and facts for all to follow and participate in. We ALL have a voice and we ALL have a responsibility to sort out the truths from the lies. Holding everyone responsible to report truths and not alternative truths, from both sides.


As well as being involved in protests it is my duty to ask our local democrat senators to vote and stand up for their constituents. The party needs to find their backbone and leadership to gain the respect they have lost. So many democrats refused to vote in this election as they have lost faith in their party. Let’s not allow that to happen in 4 years time. Or even on the local level in 2 years.


Putting my work hat on, I am so proud to be both a personal chef and health coach. Watching my colleagues on social media resist this new regime and make statements to their followers urges me to not only make my statement but keep up going to protest marches.


Having lived here peacefully for 35 years as a resident alien from the United Kingdom, yesterday I filed my immigration papers to become an American citizen. This current state of affairs has strengthened my love for this country and the people in it. This era will make us stronger and shows the youth of today, who have only known the gentle Obama years, what can happen in a democracy, and the need to stand up to power.


On a working note, my book will be published May 1 and yesterday I shot the cover photo for my book. Here is a rough mock up I did last night. The fonts will change once I have hired a graphic designer.


God bless America and all her people. May we find our strength through these changing times to unite as one and keep our focus strong.


My book’s cover photo.  Taken by me in the studio.  So excited this is coming together so well.  My favorite recipe in the book is Salmon Salsa Verde.  These are the ingredients for the dish.